One-Pledge Option for Holiday Giving

In addition to a pledge of annual dues, our members can further support particular aspects of our operations through three holiday appeals. These appeals include:

  • Annual High Holy Days Appeal:  funds go to General Synagogue Operations
  • Chanukah Appeal:  funds go to Religious School for our children
  • Pesach Appeal:   funds go towards maintenance of our building

For some members, pledging to these holiday appeals is a way to affirm one’s commitment throughout the year. For others, however, repeated appeals for money can put a strain on their relationship with the synagogue. Keeping this in mind, we’re offering a One-Pledge option for the 2021/2022 membership year. Though we will continue appeals to the congregation, those who pledge using this One-Pledge option will receive a Thank You on Kol Nidrei instead of a pledge card. You will also receive Thank You letters at Chanukah and Pesach. If this option appeals to you, please consider pledging at one of the following levels:

  • $720 x 3 = $2160 or greater – Angels (Malachim)
  • $360 x 3 = $1080 or greater – Prophets (Nevi’im)
  • $180 x 3 = $540 or greater – Leaders (Parnasim)
  • $72 x 3 = $216 or greater – Heroes (Gibborim)
  • $18 x 3 = $54 or greater – Guardians (Shomrim)

Though pledges using the One-Pledge option are made and billed at the beginning of the membership year, they can be paid at any time before the end of the membership year (June 30, 2022). If you would like to set up a payment plan to pay the pledges over time, please contact your respective membership office (for BIJ members: call (415) 586-8833 or send email to; for B’nai Emunah members: call (415) 664-7373 or send email to

> View Detailed Info on High Holiday Tickets and Registration

To pledge for all three holidays, choose a One-Pledge option on the High Holy Days registration form.